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03 December 2005 @ 08:07 pm
RENT is L.O.V.E.  
Need more proof aside from it's the one thing that managed to make me fall head over heels in love?
*gasp* It's a public entry! Just for my lovely fellow RENTheads who aren't added.
I decided to do this from the RENT movie community, so, I'm going to list my favorite songs and my favorite lyrics! I decided to put the lyrics behind a cut, but the songs I'll just list:

My Favorite Rent Songs
One Song Glory (movie version)
Light My Candle (movie version)
Tango: Maureen (movie version)
Life Support (Broadway cast)
Out Tonight (movie version)
Another Day (movie version, but I like how the full cast is at the end of the Broadway version)
Will I? (movie version)
Christmas Bells (Broadway cast, check my myspace lol)
Over the Moon (both versions, I like her passion in the original, but I like the mooing in the movie)
La Vie Boheme (both, but Rosario Dawson makes a better Mimi, so movie edges out)
I Should Tell You (movie version)
La Vie Boheme B (movie version)
Seasons of Love (movie version)
Happy New Year B (Broadway cast)
Take Me Or Leave Me (both)
Without You (movie version)
I'll Cover You (Reprise) (movie version, he has more emotion)
Halloween (movie version)
Goodbye Love (movie version, the music is better)
What You Own (both are beautiful)
Finale (Broadway cast)
Your Eyes (both are beautiful)

* Benny: She's got a new man?
Mark: Well...no...
Benny: What's his name?
Mark and Roger: Joanne. (Tune Up #2)
* The music ignites the night with passionate fire. (Rent)
* The narration crackles and pops with incendiary with. (Rent)
* How can you connect in an age where strangers, landlords, lovers, your own blood cells betray? (Rent)
* Christmas bells are ringing somewhere else, not here. (You Okay, Honey?)
* Find the one song, before the virus takes hold, glory like a sunset. One song to redeem this empty life, time flies and then no need to endure anymore, time dies. (One Song Glory)
* Mimi: They say that I have the best ass below 14th Street. Is it true?
Roger: What?
Mimi: You're staring again.
Roger: Oh, no. I mean you do...have a nice...I mean! You look familiar! (Light My Candle)
* I didn't recognize you without the handcuffs. (Light My Candle)
* Sure as I am here that dog is now in doggie hell. (Today 4 U)
* You can't quietly wipe out an entire tent city then watch It's A Wonderful Life on TV. (You'll See)
* Collins: I like boys
Angel: Boys like me (You'll see)
* It's a dark, dizzy merry-go round (Tango: Maureen)
* When you're dancing her dance you don't stand a chance. Her grip on romance makes you fall, so you think 'Might as well' 'Dance a tango to hell.' 'At least I'll have tangoed at all' (Tango: Maureen)
* Look I find some of what you teach suspect because I'm used to relying on intellect, but I try to open up to what I don't know because reason says I should have died three years ago. (Life Support)
* Wanna put on a tight skirt and flirt with a stranger. (Out Tonight)
* So let's find a bar so dark we forget who we are and all the scars from the nevers and maybes die (Out Tonight)
* I live this moment as my last. (Another Day)
* Don't forget, get the moonlight out of your hair. (Another Day)
* I can't control (control your temper) my destiny (she doesn't see) I trust my soul (who says that there's a soul) my only goal is just to be (just let me be). There's only now (who do you think you are?) there's only here (barging in on me and my guitar) give in to love or live in fear (little girl hey, the door is that way) no other path, no other way. No day but today (the fire's out anyway) No day but today (take your powder, take your candle) No day but today (take your brown eyes, your pretty smile, your silhouette) No day but today (another time, another place, another rhyme, a warm embrace) no day but today (another dance, another way, another chance, another day) No day but today! (Another Day)
* I think they meant it when they said you can't buy love, now I know you can rent it a new lease you are my love on life. (I'll Cover You)
* Can't you spare a dime or two? Here but for the grace of God go you. You'll be merry, I'll be merry, tho merry ain't in my vocabulary. No sleighbells, no Santa Claus, no yule log, no tinsel, no holly, no hearth, no 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! No room at the Holiday Inn, oh no! And it's beginning to snow. (Christmas Bells)
* Kiss me it's beginning to snow. (Christmas Bells)
* Pushed over a cliff by a suicidal Mickey Mouse. (Over the Moon)
* Not in my backyard, utensils! Go back to China! Bee dee baa! (Over the Moon)
* Over the moooooo. Mooooooo. Moo with me. (Over the Moon)
* Restaurant Man: You sit all night, you never buy!
Mark: That's a lie! That's a lie! I had a tea the other day...
Restaurant Man: You couldn't pay!
Mark: Oh yeah... (La Vie Boheme)
* To days of inspiration, playing hookey, making something out of nothing, the need to express, to communicate, to going against the grain, going insane, going mad, to loving tension, no pension, to more than one dimension, to starving for attention, hating convention, hating pretention, not to mention (of course) hating dear old mom and dad, to riding your bike midday past the three-piece suits, to fruits, to no absolutes, to Absolut, to choice, to the Village Voice, to any passing fad! To being an us for once, instead of a them! La vie boheme! (La Vie Boheme)
* To hand-crafted beers made in local breweries, to yoga, to yogurt, to rice and beans and cheese, to leather, to dildos, to curry vindaloo, to huevos rancheros and maya angelou. Emotion, devotion, to causing a commotion, creation, vacation, mucho masturbation (La Vie Boheme)
* Life's too short, babe, time is flying! I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine! (La Vie Boheme)
* I should tell you I'm disaster. (I Should Tell You)
* I should tell I blew the candle out just to get back in. (I Should Tell You)
* Music! Food of love, emotion, mathematics, isolation, rhythm, feeling, power, harmony, and heavy competition! (La Vie Boheme B)
* To you and you and you, you and you! To people living with, living with, living with-- Not dying from disease! Let he among us without sin be the first to condemn! La vie boheme! (La Vie Boheme B)
* In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee, in inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife, in 525,600 minutes, how do you measure a year in the life? How about love? How about love? How about love? Measure in love. Seasons of love. (Seasons of Love)
* I couldn't crack the love code, dear, til you made the lock on my heart explode! It's gonna be a happy New Year, a Happy New Year. (Happy New Year)
* Start hoisting...wench. (Happy New Year)
* Benny: Mimi, since your ways are so seductive--
Mimi: You came onto me!
Benny: --Persuade him not to be so counterproductive!
Roger: Liar!
Benny: Why not tell him what you wore to my place?
Mimi: I was on my way to work!
Benny: Black leather and lace! My desk was a mess! I think I'm still sore...
Mimi: Cuz I kicked him and I told him I wasn't his whore!
Benny: Well does your boyfriend know who your last boyfriend was?
Roger: I"m not her boyfriend, I don't care what she does! (Happy New Year B)
* Women, what is it about them? Can't live with them or without them! Take me for what I am, who I was meant to be and if you give a damn, take me baby or leave me! (Take Me or Leave Me)
* Without you the ground thaws, the rain falls, the grass grows. Without you the seeds root, the flowers bloom, the children play. The stars gleam, the poets dream, the eagles fly without you. The earth turns, the sun burns, but I die without you. (Without You)
* Marky, sell us your soul! Just kidding! We're waiting... (Voice Mail #4)
* It was bad for me, was it bad for you? It's over. (Contact)
* Be my lover and I'll cover you. (I'll Cover You reprise)
* Why am I the witness and when I capture it on film, will it mean that it's the end and I'm alone? (Halloween)
* I'd be happy to die for a taste of what Angel had; Someone to live for, unafraid to say I love you! (Goodbye Love)
* You don't want baggage without lifetime guarantees? You don't want to watch me die. I just came to say goodbye, love. Goodbye, love. Came to say Goodbye, love, goodbye. Just came to say Goodbye, love (glory) Goodbye, love (one blaze of) Goodbye, love (glory) Goodbye (I have to find) (Goodbye Love)
* Just came to say Goodbye, love. Goodbye, love. Goodbye, love. Hello disease. (Goodbye Love)
* So I own not a notion, I escape and ape content. I don't own emotion I rent. What was it about that night (What was it about that night?) Connection in an isolating age! For once the shadows gave way to light! (For once the shadows gave way to light) For once I didn't disengage! Angel I hear you (Mimi I see you) I hear it (I see it) I see it! (I hear it) I see it my film! (I hear it my song!) Alexi, Mark (One song glory) Call me a hypocrite (Mimi) I need to finish my own film (Your eyes) I quit! Dying in America at the end of the millennium. We're dying in America to come into our own. And when you're dying in America at the end of the millennium you're not alone. I'm not alone. I'm not alone. (What You Own)
* Christmas bells are ringing! How time flies when compassion dies. No stockings, no candy canes, no gingerbread, no safety net, no loose change, no change no 'Santy Claus is coming!' Cuz Santy Claus ain't comin! No room at the Holiday Inn again, well maybe next year or when... (Finale)
*Mimi: Got a light? I know you you're shivering
Joanne: She's been living on the street
Roger: We need some heat
Mimi: I'm shivering
Mark: We can buy some wood and something to eat
Collins: I'm afraid she needs more than heat
Mimi: I heard that
Maureen: Collins'll call for a doctor honey
Mimi: Don't waste your money on Mimi, me, me
Collins: Hello? 9-1-1? I'm on hold!
Mimi: Cold, cold! Would you light my candle?
Roger: Yes, we'll, oh God, find a candle... (Finale)
* I should tell you I love you (Finale)
* I should tell you, I should tell you, I have always loved you. You can see it in my eyes. (Your Eyes)
* There's only us. There's only this. Forget regret or life is yours to miss. (Finale B)
* I can't control my destiny. I trust my soul, my only goal is just to be. (Finale B)
* No day but today! (Finale B)

Told ya it'd be a long post!
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Bob Barker: ryan is love big earsnonconformity93 on April 4th, 2006 10:33 pm (UTC)
pshhh. Daphne is better in my mind, as a Mimi, though Rosario did do an amazing job. This was great, thank you!
gondorknowsbest: rogergondorknowsbest on July 5th, 2006 01:49 pm (UTC)
um hi i took your "if you dont like rent your a whore" pic and i sooo agree